Why us?

Fast lead times

We only need 4-6 weeks for manufacturing your project.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are very competitive compared to locally based manufacturing companies and allow great ROI.

+7 profile systems

We work with several profile systems such as W20, W40, Jansen Arte and many others to provide what your clients need.

OEM production

We work as an B2B OEM supplier for dealers and resellers. We do not compete with you for your clients.

Fast documentation

We prepare technical drawings for approval in 48 hours.

Fast quoting system

We provide price proposals in 24 hours for standard products.

What products we can provide ?

Hinged door

Single and double, available in many profile systems, sizes, designs and glass options.

Sliding door

Available in single and double versions, several designs, sizes, sliding rail design options.

Modular products

Single and double door equiped with modular sidelights and overhead panels available in +7 profile systems and custom sizes.

Pivot doors

Available with Pivotica or FritzJurgens hinges and many door designs and sizes.


7+ profile systems

We work on several profile systems. Most of our products are internal, but we also have external thermal broken options available. 3 of our systems are designed and sourced by us, but we also work with well known systems such as Ottostum W20, W40, HOP, Jansen and others.


Our steel door is the perfect choice to impress your clients with its stunning details and exquisite design.

With a range of customizable options available, you can tailor the design to meet your clients’ specific needs and preferences, making it a truly unique and personalized addition to their property.


Working with our company as a B2B client offers numerous benefits, including access to our wide range of products and services, customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs, and dedicated customer support to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. We prioritize long-term partnerships and strive to provide exceptional value to our clients, with a focus on delivering high-quality results that drive business growth and success.

Fast lead times

We offer fastest on the market 4-6 week lead time.

Dedicated PM

Each of our B2B clients has a dedicated Project Manger.

Safe delivery in EU, UK & USA

We deliver our door safely and efficiently to all EU countries, UK and USA.

Photos from production

We send you pictures of your exact project in the production process to share with your client.

FInal tech drawings in 48 hours

We send you final tech drawings for acceptance within 48 hours from the moment order is placed.

Marketing resources

We provide you with dealer onboarding, marketing and sales resources to make your sales and marketing processes aas efficient as possible.

3D models

We provide you with 3D models of our door you can share with your architects and interior designers.

Attractive pricing

We work on attractive price lists, dealer discounts and special discounts for large projects.


Get to know us

We are a leading steel door manufacturing company based in Wroclaw, specializing in producing high-quality steel doors for the EU, UK, and USA markets. We take pride in using the most renowned steel profiles such as Ottostum, Jansen, and others to craft our doors, ensuring that they offer unmatched strength, durability, and security. With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can trust us to provide you with the best steel doors on the market.


Orders delivered in 2022


Steel profiles available


CCR in 2023

Who can benefit most from selling our steel doors?

Steel windows and doors specialist

Businesses that sell steel doors and windows in EU, UK or USA.

Flooring and stairs specialist

Business that sell and install flooring and stairs.


Online shops selling doors and building related materials.


Architects and interior designers who specialize in comprehensive project managment and material sourcing.

Let's talk

Do you see our steel doors in your product portfolio? Sign up for a short phone call with our International Sales Manager.