How to choose my loft door supplier?

Icon Concept manufactures metal glazing and doors for four years. Since 2014, the interest in glass walls in metal frames has been growing. Poles more and more often decide to separate functional areas in their flats and companies by means of such a solution. With the growing trend, companies offering metal doors are emerging. The decision to implement projects in cooperation with a selected supplier has its own convex orders, both positive and negative, which we often learn about from customers who, after unsuccessful attempts at implementation, end up with us.

Icon Concept Design is part of Vonart Company, which has been offering comprehensive B2B solutions for 30 years. Bearing in mind our experience in selection and selection of subcontractors, we invite you to read the following article.

The Brief Guide

Below we present our subjective guide for people planning to use glazing in metal frames or loft doors in their projects. Reading the following article you will find out, among other things, :

  • whether price is and should always be the most important factor in the selection of an offer
  • how to evaluate a company before placing an order

What to think about when chosing loft steel door supplier ?

From the point of view of a company active on the market, we have a few thoughts concerning the choice of a good supplier. Our advice does not guarantee 100% success in cooperation with the selected company, but it can be the basic key in selecting and selecting the most advantageous offer. All of the following tips are the sum of our experiences and the values we value at the Icon Concept.

The profile of the ideal offer

  1. Price – On the Polish market the prices of steel doors are within the range from 900 to 2000 PLN net per 1m2 of glazing area. Different prices and offers are addressed to different customers, but it is worth being aware of what product, what range of services and what intangible factors make up the price.
  2. Technical solutions – Different companies apply different solutions to basic technical and technological aspects. Seemingly identical doors differ in details and technical solutions from one contractor to another. When comparing tenders, the exact manner of workmanship and the materials used should be specified with the contractor.
  3. Scope of the offer – different companies interpret the deadline differently – when analysing the received offer, specify what is within its scope. Is transport included? Is installation included? What VAT rate has been applied?
  4. Delivery date – what are the company’s deadlines? How does it guarantee this? The Uncovered Promise Procedure blooms if you want to sign a contract with a contractor in a timely manner, or if you want to do so in another binding way, guarantee yourself a time limit.
  5. Responsibility – what warranty periods protect you and your project. How will you be able to advertise the project? How does the reception take place? Does the company offer warranty extensions?
  6. Project customization – basic valuations usually include basic solutions. If you are looking for an unusual type of glass to fill a wall, custom paint or an unusual division of the glass – make sure your vision is included in the valuation.

Profile of the ideal supplier

  1. Economic activity – check if and where the contractor has a registered business activity, cooperation with “home workshops” may end unsuccessfully, and it will be very difficult to assert one’s rights and claims in such a case
  2. Communication – Pay attention to the way the company communicates, how fast it responds to inquiries, how it answers questions, whether it offers comprehensive information on the product, the way the order is placed, the terms and conditions of business, etc.
  3. Authenticity – On the Polish market, there are many steel door producers offering visualized products on their websites and social media channels. Those companies are quoting photos taken from the Internet and other “inspirations”. The lack of authentic photographs from the project is a factor which absolutely disqualifies a given company.
  4. Social respnsibility – When looking for and selecting subcontractors for our business, we always choose companies that employ employees on the basis of employment contracts, insure their employees, treat formal matters conscientiously and treat their work responsibly. We do not cooperate with suppliers who do not issue invoices, do not sign contracts, avoid written communication.

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