Do loft doors have to be black ?

The question in the title of this blog is asked very often in conversations with our customers. It falls so often that we decided to devote an entire blog post to this issue. Loft doors are associated with the characteristic black color of the frames, which gives them an industrial style. The black color is associated with traditional glazing used in factories and industrial buildings in general. Doors and glazing made of steel, as they find their way into residential homes, have been evolving for several years from the typical loft style towards minimalist, boho, traditional and eclectic interiors.

Black is what ?

The black color that we use most often in our products is RAL9005 so called. Jet Black. The color comes in several textures (smoothnesses) from porous texture to smooth satin. Dark shades that also occur are RAL 7021 , RAL 7016. In situations where the shade is of national importance, we are able to use any RAL color on special order.


In interiors that are not typically industrial / loft designs, the black color scheme of the frames can be too strong an accent, and then our customers appreciate the possibility to paint the frames in any color.

RAL palette

RAL is the color palette in which powder coatings are specified, which is used for industrial painting of steel. This palette refers to a standardized color matching system used in architecture, construction and industrial design. RAL is an acronym for the beautiful-sounding name: Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung, which, in simplified translation, means “Reich Committee for Delivery Conditions and Quality Assurance.” The RAL palette includes more than 200 different colors, each identified by a unique four-digit code. These colors are widely used in the European Union and other parts of the world.

RAL vs Pantone

There is no exact translation between RAL and Pantone colors, as they are two different color matching systems. However, it is possible to approximate RAL color using Pantone color. This is usually done using a RAL to Pantone conversion table, which lists the closest Pantone match for a given RAL color. Note that these conversions may not be 100% accurate and there may be slight variations depending on the medium, lighting and other factors. It is recommended to use physical color samples to ensure accurate color matching.

Manufacturer colors

Many powder coatings manufacturers use their own organization of colors and finishes. In the case of paints with a metallic effect, for example, it is difficult to speak of a uniform color scheme, since it changes with the angle of light and the point of view. We offer very beautiful (and quite expensive) paints that cannot be translated into RAL colors in any way and are unique blends of given manufacturers.



To answer the question from the title of the article – No, loft doors do not have to be black. The doors we produce at Icon Concept, thanks to the fact that we have our own powder coating plant, can be any color you can imagine. When choosing a color, it is advisable to follow the most popular RAL palette. It should be taken into account that designing in PANTONE color, will involve translating it into RAL, and this may not give the desired effect. You can also use the samplers of specific manufacturers and choose a specific paint – then the color will be exactly as you chose.

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