Loft Door with Frame: Features and Installation

In the world of modern architecture, loft doors are gaining popularity in both business and private projects. Frequent questions about their construction and installation prompted us to prepare a detailed guide to dispel any doubts.

1 Loft Doors: Definition and Construction

Loft doors, made of thin steel profiles, are an essential element of contemporary architecture. They are characterized by a frame depth of 30 to 50 mm, which means they are much thinner than traditional masonry or G-K board walls.

Unlike standard doors, loft doors do not have an adjustable frame with a band that overlaps the wall. The metal frame, while providing stability, does not completely cover the edges of the wall, leaving gaps and imperfections in the preparation of the door opening.

3 Key Tips for Installing Loft Doors

For a successful installation of loft doors, it is important to pay attention to several important steps:

  • Equal exit of the door opening
  • Uniform placement of plaster, maintaining straight lines and diagonals of the opening
  • Precisely plan the location of the door – whether in line with one edge, the other, or in line with the thickness of the wall

Following these recommendations at the renovation stage will enable the installation of loft doors.

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drzwi loftowe z ościeżnicą

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