How to find a good steel doors manufacturer in Poland

Poland is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing and exporting steel doors and windows. [Source] Importing steel doors from polish suppliers can be greatly benefitial to UK located companies selling windows, doors and other interior design products. Navigating the bustling market of steel doors suppliers in Poland can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for UK-based windows and doors selling companies. With Poland’s prominent standing as a leading exporter of steel doors and windows, identifying a supplier that aligns with your quality standards, design requirements, and business ethics is crucial. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to establish a fruitful partnership with a Polish steel doors supplier.

Understanding the Polish Market

Poland’s Export power: Poland is one of the top exporters of steel doors and windows. Poland offers a wide range of manufacturers known for their quality and innovation. Grasping the scale and capabilities of this market is the first step toward making informed decisions. Poland is a big leader in PVC and wooden windows but steel doors market is also developing very quickly.

Industry Standards: Polish steel doors manufacturer adhere to stringent European quality and safety standards, ensuring that products meet the high expectations of the UK market. Familiarize yourself with these standards to gauge a supplier’s compliance and commitment to excellence.

Profile selection : There are many different steel doors profile systems available in the market that are used for manufacturing steel frames – learn which one is interesting to you and then find a manufacturer who can implement this product or already has it in their portfolio.


Identifying Potential Suppliers

Google search engine: Polish companies do not yet show in UK based google search, it is a good idea to change search engine settings to polish and search for keywords such as “drzwi loftowe” – meaning loft doors. This a commonly used phrase for steel doors in Poland.

Trade Fairs and Expositions: Participating in industry-specific trade fairs, such as Budma in Poznań, provides direct access to a wide array of suppliers. These events offer a tangible sense of product quality, design variety, and manufacturer reputability.

Online Directories and B2B Platforms: Leverage online resources like Hoovers or other B2B portals to compile a list of potential suppliers. These platforms often provide detailed company profiles, product catalogs, and customer reviews.

Networking: Utilize industry connections and professional networks. Recommendations from peers or associations can lead to trusted and vetted suppliers.

Social media: most steel doors manufacturers run their social media profiles on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram. It is a good idea to research relevant hashtags such as: steel doors, sliding doors, industrial doors, metal doors, glass doors, steel doors manufacturer etc.

Evaluating Suppliers

Quality and Certification: Not many steel door manufacturing companies in Poland have meaningful certification. Business standard is that the profiles are certified by the supplier. Confirm that the supplier has the necessary certifications (e.g., CE marking for conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards) and adheres to international quality benchmarks such as fire rating etc.

Product Range: Assess the variety and adaptability of the supplier’s product line. A supplier that offers a wide range of designs and customization options will cater to diverse customer preferences. Different openings, glazing options, installation services should be researched.

Manufacturing Capabilities: Evaluate the supplier’s manufacturing infrastructure and technology. Advanced production facilities are indicative of a supplier’s ability to handle large orders and maintain consistent quality. Learn about lead times, and how are production slots allocated.

Sustainability Practices: With an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly products, assess the supplier’s commitment to sustainability. This includes the use of recyclable materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Communication and Service: Efficient and transparent communication is pivotal. Gauge the supplier’s responsiveness, language capabilities, and willingness to provide detailed product information and support.

Order process: Learn how does the process of ordering look like in different companies and see how it aligns with your internal process in your company. Get to know how stressful situations are handled such as delays management, claims etc.

Building the Relationship

Site Visits: If feasible, visiting the supplier’s manufacturing site can provide invaluable insights into their operational standards, workforce skill level, and quality control processes.

Sample Orders: Begin with a sample order to thoroughly evaluate the product’s quality, packaging, and delivery timescales without committing to a large initial order.

Negotiation and Contracts: Negotiate terms that are beneficial for both parties. Clearly outline order volumes, delivery schedules, pricing, payment terms, and after-sales service in the contract.

Long-Term Partnership: Aim for a relationship that extends beyond mere transactions. Suppliers invested in long-term partnerships will likely provide better service, support, and potential for collaborative product development.

Leveraging Technology

Online Configurators: Utilize suppliers that offer digital tools, such as online configurators, which enable you to customize products to your specifications, facilitating easier decision-making and client presentations.

Digital Communication: Ensure that the supplier is proficient in using digital communication tools for smooth collaboration, especially when dealing with geographical and time zone differences.

Questions worth asking a steel doors supplier

Here is a summary list of all aspects worth considering when evaluating different steel doors manufacturers in Poland.

  1. Do you speak english? 🙂
  2. Who is going to handle my orders, is there a dedicated sales rep?
  3. What is pricing strategy, how can I quickly offer to my clients.
  4. Is there a configurator tool?
  5. What are payment terms?
  6. What are customization limits?
  7. What profile systems are used? What brands exactly?
  8. What coating options are available? Do you offer all RAL palette?
  9. Do you provide product and sales training to my staff?
  10. Do you share or provide marketing resources?
  11. Can I sell white label?
  12. Do you offer local exclusivity?
  13. What warranties are available?
  14. What other technical solutions are available e.g. pivot doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors etc.
  15. What does the transport and logistics look like
  16. How are orders planned for production
  17. When is the shipping date set
  18. What happens in case of delayed production
  19. Are there low and high season ? How lead times change during the year?
  20. What dimensions are possible? Are there any limits?
  21. What discounts are available for dealers?
  22. What is a contact response time?
  23. Is there a dedicated person for after sales?


Finding the right steel doors supplier in Poland involves thorough research, due diligence, and a strategic approach to building relationships. By prioritizing quality, innovation, and sustainable practices, you can align with a supplier that not only meets your immediate needs but also contributes to your long-term business growth. Remember, the goal is to forge a partnership that champions excellence in product offerings, ensuring satisfaction for both you and your clientele.

Get to know Icon Loft Steel Doors

We are a steel doors manufacturer based in south-western Poland, Wroclaw. We are manufacturing steel doors using latest technology such as CNC processing, sand blasting, powder coating and laser cutting. We offer fast lead time and affordable prices. Our company is focusing on B2B sales. We do not compete with our dealers in their local markets. We offer standard products and bespoke steel doors. We offer internal doors without thermal insulation and external products such as Secco Sistemi, Jansen, Ottostumm. To see our full range check out our website.

Why Your Windows Selling Company Should Start Selling Steel Doors Made in Poland

Staying ahead of market trends and diversifying your product lineup are essential strategies for growth. In our close collaboration with clients, who are predominantly in the windows and doors industry, we’ve observed significant advantages when they incorporate steel doors, particularly those manufactured in Poland, into their array.

Steel frames that are used to produce doors are welded. Welding is a process that requires skilled workmanship. Poland still has lower hourly rates that allows polish steel doors be more cost effective, allowing UK dealers to make higher margins. High quality steel profiles are used for manufacturing, and many profile systems are available in Poland.

The Polish Edge in Steel Door Manufacturing

Poland has firmly established itself as a strong player on the global stage, ranking as the 7th largest exporter of steel doors and windows worldwide. The country’s steel and iron doors and windows sector is rapidly expanding. In 2022, Poland’s production of iron or steel joinery reached a staggering EUR 214.78 million, securing its position as the leader in Europe and the seventh-largest exporter globally in this niche. The unparalleled quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of Polish steel doors make them an invaluable addition to the inventory of businesses in major markets such as the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA. [source]

Cost-Effectiveness Meets Quality

One of the standout features of Polish steel doors, such as those offered by Icon Loft Steel Doors, is their exceptional balance of affordability and quality. The competitive pricing from manufacturers like Icon Loft doesn’t just benefit the end consumer; it also opens up substantial profit margins for resellers and dealers. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with our commitment to high standards, means you can offer your customers top-tier products without compromising on quality or financial viability.

Innovative Customization with Online Configurators

At Icon Loft, we understand the importance of brand identity and efficiency in business operations. Our online configurator tool is designed with dealers in mind, allowing for full customization. You can easily integrate your company’s logo and details, enabling swift calculations and the generation of branded PDF quotations. This not only enhances the professional look of your proposals but also streamlines the sales process, making it quicker and more efficient.

Leveraging Existing Clientele for Upselling

For businesses already in the windows market, the transition to selling steel doors is seamless. The synergy between these products means you’re engaging with your existing customer base, who are often in the early stages of building or renovation projects. This presents a prime opportunity for upselling, allowing you to cater to a broader range of your clients’ needs and bolster your revenue streams. You clients will love steel door with glass as they allow more light into the interior and they can make any room look modern and designer.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

In today’s environmentally conscious market, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a critical selling point. Polish steel doors are renowned for their eco-friendly manufacturing processes, using recyclable materials and energy-efficient practices. By choosing to sell these doors, you’re not only providing durable and secure options to your customers but also contributing to a greener planet. Steel doors are produced with and without thermal insulation – they can be either used for interiors or as external doors.

Steel doors design and aesthetics

Polish steel doors don’t just excel in functionality and durability; they also lead the way in design innovation. With a wide array of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and ornate, these doors can complement any architectural style. This versatility ensures that you can cater to diverse customer preferences, enhancing the appeal of your product range. Wide range of steel profiles options allow to use different types of glazing options. Safety glass being the most popular (ESG 3.3.1 glass), tempered and ornament glass are also an options. With wider steel profiles double glazing are also possible for installation.

Steel doors perfect for customization

Steel doors offer a wide range of customization options. For various projects there is a solution. From opening options, steel profile choice, RAL palette coating options, pivot hinges and many more – steel doors are a great product for companies specialized in providing installation services e.g. windows and doors.


Incorporating Polish steel doors into your inventory offers a wealth of benefits, from cost-effectiveness and high-quality standards to innovative customization options and a strong existing customer base. Icon Loft Steel Doors stands at the forefront of this industry, providing products that meet the demands of today’s market while ensuring sustainability and design excellence. Embrace the opportunity to expand your product range with Polish steel doors, and watch your business grow in reach and reputation.

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