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Steel doors

Steel doors

Icon Loft Standard steel doors are available in the most standard sizes, ready to be shipped at short notice in secure delivery to your address.

Steel partitions

Steel partitions and fixed glass walls

Icon Loft steel doors, Icon Loft partitions made to measure and personalised and manufactured to order to suit your needs.

Bespoke contract furniture

Commercial fit-outs

Furniture, furnishings and decorations designed and manufactured by our factory, delivered and assembled by us at your premises.


Who are we helping and how?

Dealers and installers

  • receives new orders in his region from us
  • works with dedicated Account Manager
  • we prepare a professional offer for the end customer
  • buys on average 20% cheaper
  • receives samples and templates

Commercial spaces

  • order furniture directly from the manufacturer
  • receive design and material advice
  • work with dedicated Project Manager
  • we produce furniture for them, carry out measurements and assembly
  • receive complete documentation and certificates and approvals


  • makes use of training and the knowledge base
  • receives 3D solids
  • cooperate under an agency agreement

Private customer

  • orders doors directly from the manufacturer in the online shop
  • benefit from free consultation with an expert
  • uses the service of measuring and fitting customised steel doors
  • selects a fitter from the Icon Loft fitter directory in your area

What products can you order from us?

Hinged doors

Single, double hinged steel doors, available in 7 steel profile systems, custom size and design included in price.

Sliding steel doors

Single and double, available in a wide variety of muntin layouts, guide types and frame colours.

Icon Loft Custom

Bespoke steel partitions With fixed panels, rooflights, arches - you design, we manufacture.

Pivot doors

Pivot doors available with hinges from FritzJurgens and Pivotica.

Why steel doors?

Loft doors are steel frames filled with glass. They are different from all other doors, in terms of durability, the amount of light they let into the room, timeless design and style. They are a value-enhancing investment and give a feeling of luxury in the interiors.

More light inside

Thanks to the much thinner profiles compared to aluminium, for example, there will be more light in your interior.

Timeless design

Steel doors are a classic. A classic that will last for years, successive redecorations and refurbishments, because style flowing from craftsmanship never gets old.

Steel doors manufacturer in Poland


Door sets produced in 2022


Orders completed from 2018 to 2022


We use safety glass - laminated or toughened.


We advise on the best solutions in terms of technology and end result.


Steel is a 100% recyclable material with a very long life cycle.

Manufacturer's warranty

We are a manufacturer - not an intermediary - we have 100% influence at every stage of product development.

Katarzyna, Warsaw

"Good morning, thank you for the project, the doors are impressive. They can be a real decoration of the interior. We will recommend you for really top quality."

Jarek, Poznan

As for the door contractor, I must say that he did a very good job. The installation of the door went smoothly and seamlessly, and the end result is really impressive.

Magda, Krakow

I like the door very much, the implementation went smoothly and on time.

Danuta, Opole

"It shows that the doors are already installed. They look extra good. To prove it, I am sending some pictures( Colored door and regular door).

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