steel framed pivot doors

At Icon Loft Steel Doors, we give you the key to a new definition of style with our unique collection of pivot loft doors.

  1. Opening Both Ways: Provide convenience and flexibility with a door that opens smoothly both inward and outward. It’s ideal for dynamic spaces where movement and accessibility are at a premium.
  2. Adjustable Closing Force: Adjust the closing force of the door to suit your needs, ensuring the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.
  3. Zero Point Setting: Our pivot doors allow you to precisely adjust the zero points, ensuring perfect leveling and hassle-free daily use.
  4. Narrow Profile: The sleek lines and minimalist design of our pivot doors bring an element of subtle elegance to any interior.
  5. No Frame: By dispensing with the traditional door frame, our doors offer a clean, uninterrupted look that blends seamlessly with modern interiors.
  6. High Floor to Ceiling Sash: Our doors extend from floor to ceiling, creating a majestic, full-glass design without the need to divide it into a sash and a fixed fanlight above the door. This solution not only enhances aesthetics, but also brings more light into the room.

Get inspired

The doors presented on this page can be modified as part of the Icon Loft Custom service. You can change a lot of parameters.

You can change:

Dimensions, arrangement of muntins, color of frames, type of glass, handles and handles and much more.