Icon Loft Modular double steel doors

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Standard doors

  • square
  • available on shorter notice
  • delivered to the indicated address

Icon Loft Custom Service

  • modifications can be made
  • customized solutions
  • longer lead time

Loft double doors are a great idea for larger doorways. The use of steel double doors will introduce a great deal of light into the interior, give the impression of spaciousness and modern design. Glass loft double doors start from 160cm wide to 200cm wide (opening dimension).

In the Icon Loft Custom service, we give customers the opportunity to customize the dimensions of the doors according to the customer’s individual needs and design. Loft double doors can additionally be designed in a set with fixed side panels and fanlights (fixed panels above the door) for large areas.

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Loft double doors, or double doors. They have one common outer frame (frame) and two sashes in the selected design. The loft door is equipped with a passive leaf opening lock (one leaf can be blocked from opening). Loft doors presented in this catalog are available in standard sizes, but we also offer the possibility of making doors according to individual needs and customer design. Double glass doors in metal frames are an excellent choice for closing a vestibule, separating a living room or in other representative rooms.