How are loft doors made?

Loft doors is a colloquial name under which interior doors made of steel frames and glass are most often hidden. The loft door consists of a steel frame and a glass infill. Like most doors, they consist of, among other things. z:

  • frame
  • sash frames
  • muntins
  • glazing frames
  • hinges
  • handles or hand grips
  • lock

Loft doors are usually custom-made and made to measure. Loft doors from different manufacturers may differ. The differences are due to different technical solutions, production technology and profiles. In this article, we will present some of the most common solutions on the Polish market, try to compare them and point out the most important differences. In this article we will describe how loft doors are made from scratch.

Ościeżnica drzwi loftowych


Frame is a term used in architecture and carpentry, referring to the frame or casing of a door or window. It is a structural element that surrounds the door or window sash and provides a stable base for its installation. The main function of the frame is to allow the installation of a door or window sash, provide stability and seal. In the case of doors, the frame is attached to the wall and the door leaf is hinged to the frame. This makes the door stable, easy to open and close, and ensures proper sealing.


In loft doors, the door frame is made of an L-shaped steel profile. In some systems, the door frame has additional space for installing a gasket. A hole for the lock bolt is milled or laser-cut in the frame. Hinges are mounted to the frame. The most common are welded hinges. There are adjustable and non-adjustable hinges available on the market. Non-adjustable hinges do not offer the possibility of adjustment with simple tools. Any problems with the position of the sash are repaired by stretching the hinges with special tools, rather under workshop conditions.

jak są zrobione drzwi loftowe

Sash frame

The door leaf frame is the structural element of the door that surrounds and holds the door leaf panels, in the case of loft doors – glass. . It consists of a horizontal top element, a horizontal bottom element and two vertical side elements.


The door leaf frame performs several important functions. First, it ensures the stability and rigidity of the door leaf, which allows it to function properly. Second, it allows the installation of various door components, such as hinges, locks, handles, etc. Third, the frame may have gaskets or brushes that provide a seal on the door leaf and minimize the passage of sound, dust or air through gaps.

The door leaf frame is also important to the appearance of the door, as its finish and style can affect the overall appearance and aesthetics of the door. It can be painted, varnished, covered with veneer or otherwise finished to match the interior style or aesthetic preference.

Muntins are horizontal and vertical strips that divide the surface of the door into smaller fields.Divisions inside the frame – the so-called. Stiles are usually made of the same profile as the sash frame or a special profile.


There are different types of muntins on the market:

  • structural muntins – welded
  • stick-on muntins – vienna



Structural muntins optically divide the sash area into smaller sections. Only in some cases, each field is a separate pane. Spars of this type are made of steel and welded which further stiffens the structure. Panes of glass are enclosed by glazing frames and mounted with glue or special tape. Obtaining curvilinear shapes in this solution involves bending profiles, which has its technological limitations and does not give complete technological freedom.


Stick-on muntins are muntins used in some systems. They are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional framed doors, which consist of separate panels. The muntins in glass doors are usually made of the same material as the door frames, in the case of loft doors of steel or aluminum. Stick-on muntins give more freedom when it comes to achieving curvilinear shapes and a more modern look

Types of stiles in loft doors

Glass frames

Glass frames, also known as cover frames, are structural elements used in glass doors. These are metal or aluminum profiles that are attached around the outside of the window glass, separating it from the rest of the window structure.


The main purpose of the glazing frame is to mount, secure and protect the glass.

Glazing frames can come in a variety of shapes and finishes to suit the type and style of the door. Glazing frames are usually permanently installed in the door, but in some cases they can also be removable, allowing for easier cleaning, replacement and maintenance of the glass.

Cassettes and locks

A door lock tray, also known as a lock box, is a structural element built into a door leaf. It is a metal or aluminum box in which a lock mechanism is mounted, allowing the door to be closed and opened.


The lock cassette usually takes the form of a rectangular box, built into the edge of the door leaf. Inside the cassette is a lock mechanism that can be controlled by a key, handle, or other devices (such as electronic access control systems). In the case of interior doors, the lock cassette can have a simpler design, since the priority is to close the door, not security.

steel doors handle with casette

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