Loft glass doors with stick-on muntins versus steel framed doors with glass: which choice is better?

When you opt for loft glass doors, you often have a choice of glass doors with stick-on muntins or steel-framed doors. Today we will focus on the benefits offered by Icon Loft Steel Doors and compare them to glass doors.

Glass doors with stick-on muntins versus steel doors framed with glass: which choice is better?

I. Aesthetics and design

Glass doors:

  • Built on the principle of a hinged sheet of glass, with an imitation metal structure.
  • The glued-on muntins are only an imitation, which is visible at the gluing point and through the thickness of the glass.
  • The glass-mounted hinges are visible and protrude beyond the outline of the door’s “stiles.”

Steel doors:

  • Welded construction of metal profiles, with a rebated frame.
  • Frames filled with glass, without glued muntins.
  • No visible gaps, providing excellent sound and thermal insulation.

example of glass loft doors with hinges dedicated to glass

II. Robustness and durability

Glass doors:

  • Less durable and less secure compared to steel doors.
  • Stick-on muntins and glass panel-based construction may be more susceptible to damage.

Steel doors:

  • Durable steel construction for robustness and safety.
  • The weight of the door gives a feeling of luxury during use.
  • The rebated frame eliminates the occurrence of gaps, which affects the quality and durability of the door.

Example of glass loft doors with technological slots

III. Insulation and functionality

Loft glass doors:

  • Design with glued-on muntins can cause gaps along the contour of the sash, through which light penetrates.
  • It may be less effective in thermal and acoustic insulation.

Steel doors:

  • No visible gaps thanks to the rebated frame, which provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Ideal for those who value privacy and quietness in their interior.

example of steel loft door with rebated frame

IV. Price and value

Loft glass and steel doors:

  • The market prices of the two solutions are not far apart.
  • The added value of steel doors is their durability, sturdiness and industrial style, which is iconic for loft interiors.

comparison of steel welded hinges with popular glass hinge shapes


When choosing a loft door, it is worth considering the differences between glass doors with stick-on muntins and framed steel doors with glass. Glass doors may seem visually appealing, but they do not provide the same robustness and durability as steel doors. In addition, stick-on muntins and visible hinges can affect aesthetics. Steel doors offer full structural integrity, excellent insulation and a unique industrial flair. With similar prices on the market, it’s worth investing in a real loft door, which will not only be a stylish piece, but also provide durability, security and comfort of use

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